Why Repair Technicians Advertise Foreign Car Transmission Repair And Why It’s A Big Deal

19 October 2018
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So you bought a foreign car. In the U.S., foreign-made cars constitute more than half of all the cars purchased and owned by Americans. It just makes sense, then, for car dealerships to have technicians that can fix foreign cars. However, you might be wondering why other garages that work independently of dealerships would advertise that they offer foreign car transmission repair. You might also be wondering why it is such a big deal. Read More 

Signs Of A Cracked Engine Block

3 April 2018
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A cracked engine block in an automobile can cause a variety of problems with the engine, such as oil and antifreeze mixing and overheating. These problems can cause severe damage to the engine and the parts connected to the engine, and they can be costly to repair. Because of this, it is important to know what the symptoms of a cracked engine block are and to take your car to a mechanic who offers engine services quickly if you suspect you have a cracked engine block. Read More 

How To Pick The Right Wheelchair Van Rental

24 July 2017
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You may have several reasons for looking at wheelchair van rentals. Maybe a relative in a wheelchair doesn't have access to their own van for a family day together, or you are considering purchasing your own wheelchair van and want to try out different models. Perhaps you just want to see if a wheelchair van fits properly when parked in your garage, carport, or driveway. Whatever the reason for renting a van for the day, there are some details you need to consider first before settling on your final choice. Read More 

What To Look For When Buying An Off Road Led Light Bar

25 May 2017
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If you love to ride a truck or jeep off road, you may be looking to purchase an off road LED light bar. This type of bar is installed or mounted on the top of your truck or jeep. It helps to illuminate areas that do not typically have street lights or other sources of light in the area. However, if you have never purchased an off road LED light bar before, you may be unsure as to which one is right for you. Read More 

Converting An Enclosed Trailer To A DIY Camper For Road Trips And Weekend Adventures

6 March 2017
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If you are a person that likes to travel and enjoy the outdoors, a camper or RV may be something that you dream of having one day. The problem is that campers and recreational vehicles are expensive, so why not make your own. You can get an enclosed trailer for the fraction of the price and easily convert it into living quarters, and here is how you can do it: Read More