3 Signs Your Car's AC Is In Dire Need Of Repairs

14 October 2022
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

When it comes to modern features on a car that everybody takes for granted, it is hard to look past the AC. Since their introduction, they have become a standard that no one likes to leave without, and yet many people are on the verge of having their AC completely fail due to not enough regular maintenance. The problem is most people simply don't know the warning sign for their AC and have no idea that disaster is so close. Here are three signs that your car's AC is about to give out so you can preemptively get it repaired. 

Fans Not Working

There are two major components to a good air conditioner; the actual cooling agent and the fans that disperse the cooled air throughout your car. Without the fans, the cooled air will simply sit in the front of your car, where it was made, and take a long time to effectively reduce the temperature. If you notice that your air conditioner isn't working as fast as it used to, or the fans are behaving erratically, then there could be a disconnect between your controls and the actual fans themselves, and you should get that checked out immediately.

Takes Longer To Start

While older air conditioners are always going to be a bit slower than their modern counterparts, there is a difference between slow AC due to age and slow AC due to equipment malfunction. You know how long your air conditioner normally takes because you have driven your car a thousand times, so if you feel that it is taking slightly longer to work than normal, trust your gut. Your subconscious is very good at recognizing differences in patterns that you encounter every day, and this could be one of them. If your AC is taking longer, it will only get worse and worse, and it needs to have the filter replaced and all the internal components checked immediately. 

Odd Smell

Whenever you smell something foul or different coming through your air conditioning, that doesn't disperse after a few minutes, you should have your guard up. There are multiple things that it could be, from coolant getting old to some sort of friction or build-up in your system. Whatever the case may be, putting up with a bad smell is never something you have to do, and a good car AC repair contractor will have it fixed in no time at all.

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