Converting An Enclosed Trailer To A DIY Camper For Road Trips And Weekend Adventures

6 March 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

If you are a person that likes to travel and enjoy the outdoors, a camper or RV may be something that you dream of having one day. The problem is that campers and recreational vehicles are expensive, so why not make your own. You can get an enclosed trailer for the fraction of the price and easily convert it into living quarters, and here is how you can do it:

1. Building the Bed and Sleeping Area with Built-in Storage

The first thing that you will want for your DIY camper are the sleeping quarters. A simple way to do this is by building a platform of thing padding for the bed. Wood will be the simplest materials to use for this project, but if you want to reduce weight, use lighter aluminum supports. The platform is also a good place to locate storage for when you are traveling. Make deep slide-out drawers beneath the bed to store you gear in and keep everything well packed.

2. Make Your Kitchen Area Outdoors with A Canopy Pull-out Features

When you are traveling in your camper, you will probably also want to be able to easily cook meals. The space in your camper may be limited, which is why an outdoor kitchen is often a good and simple solution. For an outdoor kitchen, make features around wheel-wells and other available space the easily pull out. For the covering of your kitchen, use a retractable RV or patio awning, which can also come with sides to make your kitchen and patio space completely enclosed with the weather is bad.

3. Give Your Camper Green Energy with Solar Panels Mounted on The Roof

Energy and mechanical systems for your trailer will also be important. Green energy with solar panels can be ideal for a DIY camper. With all the low-voltage appliances available, you can easily power all the appliances you need with a couple of solar panels on the roof of your trailer.  If you want to keep the solar energy system disguised, use a roofing membrane solar panel product for your energy systems. Solar panels will reduce your reliance on gas generators that can be noisy and costly to operate.

If you want to have your own camper, use an enclosed trailer to make your own sleeper that is designed to your specific tastes. Contact a dealer of enclosed trailers to get the trailer you need to start your own DIY camper project. For more information, contact companies like Wild Bills.