Why Repair Technicians Advertise Foreign Car Transmission Repair And Why It's A Big Deal

19 October 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

So you bought a foreign car. In the U.S., foreign-made cars constitute more than half of all the cars purchased and owned by Americans. It just makes sense, then, for car dealerships to have technicians that can fix foreign cars. However, you might be wondering why other garages that work independently of dealerships would advertise that they offer foreign car transmission repair. You might also be wondering why it is such a big deal. After all, a transmission is a transmission, right? To answer your questions, the following is offered up to you.

Why They Advertise Such a Specific Service

Repair technicians have some specific reasons for offering such a specific service. One, they only want to work on and repair foreign cars. That is certainly a possibility.

Two, they actually have to go through a training and certification process to advertise that they can repair foreign transmissions. Certain companies will not allow mechanics in other countries to repair their products without certification because it voids their warranties and guarantees. If domestic mechanics want to work on foreign cars, they have to meet these companies' demands and expectations for certification prior to repairing any vehicle belonging to those foreign companies.

Three, they want to set their businesses apart from your general, run-of-the-mill mechanics who repair domestic cars or domestic and foreign cars. Just as some mechanics will only work on cars made here in the U.S., other mechanics will only work on foreign cars. There are some mechanics that work on both.

Why It Is Such a Big Deal

Because mechanics have to go through the certification process to make repairs on certain foreign cars, they have earned the right to advertise that they work on those vehicles. It is akin to a doctor earning a specialization certificate and being able to perform the duties associated with that specialization. It is also a big deal to people who only want those certified foreign car mechanics working on their foreign-made vehicles. They feel more confident that these mechanics are better trained and better educated about the unique differences foreign cars often have with their transmissions and unique drive-train designs.

A Transmission Is Not Just a Transmission

The Germans, the Italians, the French, and the Japanese have all created some unique transmissions in their vehicles. While these transmissions essentially do the same thing (e.g. steer the vehicle and torque the engine), the unique additions or subtractions to their design set the transmissions apart from American-made ones. That is why there are foreign transmission repair mechanics.

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