Sources Of Commonly Encountered Transmission Problems

13 September 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

There are few problems that can have a bigger impact on your automobile's performance than problems with the transmission. Issues with a car's transmission can render the entire vehicle completely unusable. Despite the complexity of transmission, there are a handful of issues that can often explain many of these issues.

Low Transmission Fluid

The internal fluid of the transmission will help it to avoid suffering major damage from friction as it is operating. When the transmission fluid is too low to be able to effectively absorb this friction, it can contribute to substantial damage to the transmission. In fact, it can be possible for the transmission to essentially destroy itself as a result of this substantial friction. Car owners will often assume that their vehicle will have a warning light for low transmission, but this is not always the case. Rather, a car driver will need to periodically check the level of the transmission fluid to make sure that it is at an acceptable level. When it is lower than normal, you should take the vehicle to a repair provider so that they can check the transmission for leaks.


A transmission that is unable to hold its gear position will be unable to effectively keep the car functioning correctly. Sadly, there can be reasons that these gears start to slip, and this will prevent the transmission from being able to stay in the gear that you set. Generally, slipping is the result of an internal gear that has become stripped. Finding and replacing the stripped gears in the transmission is a fairly major repair, but you will be best served by avoiding delaying this work as this will allow further damage to occur to the transmission.

Sensor Failures

A modern transmission will be more than just a mechanical device as it will also include a number of different sensors and computerized components. These components will be able to stabilize the performance of the transmission. When one or more of these sensors fail, the transmission can start to exhibit unusual performance problems, such as the transmission stuttering or suffering other major power drops. While car owners may attempt to continue to drive the vehicle despite this problem, they will cause major damage to the transmission as a result of excessive and uneven wear. In fact, a car owner may eventually need to have the entire transmission rebuilt or replaced as a result of failing to heed the severity of this problem.

For more information about transmission trouble, contact a transmission shop in your area.